eruditebaboon (eruditebaboon) wrote,

An idea is born

Having consistently failed to pin myself down to a new comics project, last weekend I was taken under the nurturing wing of internet comics mogul, John Allision, who attempted to help me to thrash out an idea for a ground-breaking new strip, destined to take the internet by storm. Now behold the raw power of two minds unleashed as one:

I don't see how the adventures of Brunel and his talking stovepipe hat 'Stovie' can fail to succeed. Although John was so disgusted that I had drawn Stovie making advances towards Queen Victoria (who's face seems to indicate some ambivalence about the matter) that he spat on the picture of her parlour door. Or at least that was my interpretation of events.
Tags: comic ideas, isembard kingdom brunel, raw unbridled genius, stovepipe hat
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