March 3rd, 2009

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Sad news...

So it looks like the DFC is going to be publishing it's last issue this month - the publishing house that's been backing it is putting it up for sale, and it's pretty unlikely that a buyer is going to turn up. Here's the press release:

Children’s Comic, the DFC, Up For Sale 

The DFC, a weekly comic (launched May 2008) for boys and girls is up for sale, following a decision by The Random House Group to cease publication. 

Philippa Dickinson, MD RHCB, said: “We are very proud of the DFC and the reaction it received from families, schools and especially the children who have enjoyed reading it.  It is an innovative concept which we have been very happy to back. There can be no successes without taking risks, after all.  Unfortunately, in the current economic climate, we have decided that the DFC is not commercially viable within our organisation. 

“David Fickling, the staff at the DFC, and all the comic’s contributors have worked tirelessly to produce what is an amazing weekly publication and we would be delighted if a buyer could be found who would like to take the DFC on as a going concern” 

If no buyer is found, the title will close on March 27th.

It's a real shame that it's ended so soon, but it's been an absolutely fantastic experience and I'm really proud of what everyone at the DFC has acheived. Go us! Now, does anyone have a few quid kicking about and want to buy themselves a comic...?

P.S for those of you wondering where this week's edition of Super Animal Advneture Squad is, I'm afraid it looks like the Guardian hasn't bothered to put the comic section in their online edition this time. The scoundrels! If it turns up I'll let you know - and hopefully they'll remember to do it next week!