eruditebaboon (eruditebaboon) wrote,

A comic about tongues


Whatever you do, try not to think about where your tongue is supposed to go.

Since it seems like livejournal is slowly falling apart, I'm going to try posting comics on tumblr for a bit - you can find my tumblr page here: I'll still be posting comics here for the time being though, but I might turn off anonymous comments in an attempt to stem the ever flowing tide of spam.

I also have a book out! It is called Mameshiba on the Loose and it is about beans with dog faces (I only did the words on this one - the pictures are by the brilliant Jorge Monlogo) so if you like legumes that have the faces of animals this is the perfect book for you!

Get it from with this link if you'd like me to get an extra commission from the sale. Thanks!
Tags: comic, mameshiba, tongues

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